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DeLoach Vineyards, part of the family-owned Boisset Family Estates and pioneer of the widely successful on-premise Barrel-to-Barrel wine program, is now extending this offering to include 3-liter and 10-liter barrels available for purchase by the general public. A long time leader in sustainable winery practices, including organic and Biodynamic® farming, DeLoach further evolves its commitment to sustainability by allowing consumers to now enjoy DeLoach wines through this ecologically and economically conscientious packaging. In addition, consumers can enjoy a taste experience evocative of an actual barrel tasting in a cellar in their own homes.

The Barrel-to-Barrel program is an innovative alternative packaging option in which wine is kept within a 3 or 10-liter oak barrel and easily accessed for by-the-glass pouring through an elegant spout at the front of the barrel. The wine within these barrels is kept in eco-bags, within a sturdy recyclable cardboard box which protect the wine from oxidation for up to six weeks. A barrel can be refilled by simply inserting another eco-bag. This system uses less energy to transport, eliminates waste from bottle breakage, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of both the consumer and DeLoach Vineyards. As an example, a 10L eco-bag contains the equivalent of 13.33 glass bottles. 12 empty glass bottles weigh 6,876 grams, while one empty 10L DeLoach Vineyards eco-bag weighs just 68.5 grams – a dramatic reduction.

“We’re delighted to be taking the next step with this revolutionary program by offering it to the public. Now our customers can enjoy our wines in a sophisticated, stylish, and convenient way that is marked with the DeLoach distinction of quality and sustainability,” says Jean-Charles Boisset, President of Boisset Family Estates and DeLoach Vineyards.

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